Faithful: The Book of Ruth


Faithful: The Book of Ruth

by: Pastor Nate

The book of Ruth was a story worth telling at a specific time in Israel’s history. The nation of Israel had been in rebellion against God, a time of depravity. The book of Judges details this rebellion, both regionally and nationally. But God continually had a remnant of faithful believers who would stand with Him even when unpopular, and Ruth was part of that remnant, part of God’s redemptive plan. This book of hope, for Israel, stands now as a book of hope for us, the church. 

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God Works to Redeem...

Pastor Nate concludes our series in the book of Ruth.

God Works Even When...

Pastor Nate begins our mini series through the boom of Ruth chapter 1.

God Works Toward More...

Pastor Nate Holdridge leads through the 3rd chapter of Ruth, describing the beauty of Ruth and Boaz's relationship.

God Works With...

Pastor Nate continues our study in the book of Ruth chapter 2.

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