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Life Groups

So many of us do not have the support of relationships so common a generation ago. The Christian life is not a solo act! It is meant to be lived in community. Society today is increasingly fragmented and relationships transitory and unhealthy. We need and crave the support of like-minded people, especially those who share our faith. Where do we find healthy friendships these days with people like ourselves? 

Life Groups is our answer. Life Groups are small groups that meet in homes throughout our cities, every other season. They provide the opportunity to grow in meaningful relationships, get more out of Scripture through discussing the Sunday text and teaching, and support each other in prayer as we seek to join in God’s mission.

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How Life Groups Work

Groups are open for enrollment in early spring and early fall, before quarters begin. You can sign up online for a group or on campus during that time.

Below you will find details about our next Life Group quarter.
Our next Life Group quarter will begin in September 2018.

• Groups meet weekly for a total of 12 weeks.

• Are led and hosted by people selected and trained by our Calvary pastors

• Meet on various days at different times and locations, mostly in homes across Monterey county

• There are varieties of groups to choose from composed of couples, singles, all men or all women, or a mix of couples and singles

• Generally contain between 8-12 people for a singles group and 12-16 for a couples or mixed group

Life Groups are vital to the health of our church

Check out these stories of how God has used Life Groups at Calvary.

Life Groups will be resuming in the fall

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