Let Us Hear


Let Us Hear

by: Pastor Nate

Jesus Christ is the Chief Pastor of the entire church. Near the end of the Bible, He wrote a letter to seven individual churches. Each church had a unique need, a special word designed  for them. The church in Ephesus had become cold. In Smyrna they hurt. Pergamum was infected with sin. Thyatira had a seduced church. Sardis was dead. The Philadelphian church was loyal. And the church of Laodicea was blind. Each one needed Christ and His Word. The same is true today. We need Christ and His Word. The Spirit speaks. Let Us Hear.

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The Shepherd

Pastor Nate Holdridge concludes the series in the book of Revelation with a summary teaching on God's power and the ways we should reflect his glory.


Pastor Nate continues our Sunday study on the 7 Letters in Revelation chapter 3 with the letter addressed to the church in Sardis.


Pastor Nate continues our study in the book of Revelation on the second letter written to the church in Smyrna.


Pastor Nate finishes his series on the 7 letters in Revelation


Pastor Nate leads us through Revelation 2 verses 18 through 29 about the church in Thyatira


Pastor Nate begins our study in the first letter to in Revelation to the church in Ephesus.


Pastor Nate continues our study in the 7 Letters to the Churches in Revelation with our sixth church Philadelphia.


Pastor Nate continues our study in the book of Revelation chapter 2 about the "Infected" church in Pergamum

The Author

Pastor Nate begins our new study in the book of Revelation in Chapter 1 verses 9 through 20.

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