God-Hearted: The Life of David

 Ephesians Sunday Series

God-Hearted: The Life of David

by: Pastor Nate

Sunday series through the life of David.

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2 Samuel 12 — God Loves to Restore

God does not look for ways to get out of his relationship with man, but for ways to get back into it.

2 Samuel 11 — David’s Sin

Pastor Nate Holdridge continues God Hearted series with 2 Samuel 11 Davids Sin

2 Samuel 10

Pastor Nate continues our study through the life of David in 2 Samuel 10.

2 Samuel 8 & 9

Pastor Nate continues our study through the Life of David in 2 Samuel 8 & 9.

2 Samuel 7

Have you ever felt as if you wanted to do something for Jesus? Have you ever been overwhelmed by all God has done for you and wanted to do something significant for him in return? Have you ever wanted to devote yourself more fully to him?

Pastor Nate continues our study in the life of David in 2 Samuel 6.

2 Samuel 4-5 — The Way of Christ

Pastor Nate continues the God-Hearted series with 2 Samuel 4-5 The Way of Christ

2 Samuel 3

Though Saul's house attempted to thwart David's rise, nothing could prevent it, for God are his plan is unstoppable.

2 Samuel 2

I cannot say, "And David became king and they all lived happily ever after." I am excited for the section of David's life we are heading into! Let me tell you why.

1 Samuel 31 - 2 Samuel 1

Imagine a funeral. Imagine it's your funeral. How will you be remembered? The passage in front of us shows us five things to be remembered for, things David remembered Saul for.

1 Samuel 29-30

God wants use you as a pipeline of his grace; a recipient, but also a conduit, of his mercy.

1 Samuel 27-28

Discouragement overtook David for a season of his life, giving us a glimpse into a life built on attitudes of despair. In Christ, we can overcome.

1 Samuel 24 -- Love Your Enemies

David was a son of his Father in heaven, a God-Hearted man, so he loved his enemy like God does. Let learn from and imitate this man

1 Samuel 26 -- Want What God Wants

It is a mark of maturity and a work of the Spirit when a person internally wants what God wants. David, through the repetitive work of the Spirit, came to want what God wanted.

1 Samuel 23 -- Hearing God's Voice

God, who is infinite, reveals himself to humanity, who is finite. But how does a complex, perfect, timeless, and eternal being communicate Himself to His creation? We will consider this question today.

1 Samuel 25 -- In God's School

David was still being shaped by God, and in this episode he learned much from Nabal, himself, Abigail, and God. Like David, must learn in God's school.

1 Samuel 22:1-2 -- Transformed By The Secret King

Pastor Nate continues with his God Hearted series with 1 Samuel 22:1-2 Transformed by the Secret King

1 Samuel 21-22 -- Pursued

We often forget, as David did in our story, that God loves us, is able to help us, and has a plan for our lives. But God does not forget, and works hard to remind us, if only we will listen to His voice.

1 Samuel 18 -- Shaped

Pastor Nate continues our study through the life of David.

Preparation Of the God-Heart -- In Secret

Pastor Nate begins our series through the life of David in 1 Samuel 16.

1 Samuel 20

God would go with David, allow David to be stripped of everything, and invite David to move forward, all of which would prepare David - just as they prepare us - for deeper maturity, the kind which chooses the pain.

Preparation Of the God-Heart -- Borrowed Victory

Pastor Nate continues our study on the life of David with the battle between David and Goliath.

Preparation Of the God-Heart -- Seek His Protection

The God-Hearted find their protection in God, who will use friendships, spouses, spiritual leaders, and His own Spirit to watch over His flock.

Preparation of the God-Heart -- Pillars

Pastor Nate continues our study through the life of David by concluding chapter 16.


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