God-Hearted: The Life of David

 Ephesians Sunday Series

God-Hearted: The Life of David

by: Pastor Nate

Sunday series through the life of David.

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2 Samuel 2

I cannot say, "And David became king and they all lived happily ever after." I am excited for the section of David's life we are heading into! Let me tell you why.

1 Samuel 31 - 2 Samuel 1

Imagine a funeral. Imagine it's your funeral. How will you be remembered? The passage in front of us shows us five things to be remembered for, things David remembered Saul for.

1 Samuel 29-30

God wants use you as a pipeline of his grace; a recipient, but also a conduit, of his mercy.

1 Samuel 27-28

Discouragement overtook David for a season of his life, giving us a glimpse into a life built on attitudes of despair. In Christ, we can overcome.

1 Samuel 24 -- Love Your Enemies

David was a son of his Father in heaven, a God-Hearted man, so he loved his enemy like God does. Let learn from and imitate this man

1 Samuel 26 -- Want What God Wants

It is a mark of maturity and a work of the Spirit when a person internally wants what God wants. David, through the repetitive work of the Spirit, came to want what God wanted.

1 Samuel 23 -- Hearing God's Voice

God, who is infinite, reveals himself to humanity, who is finite. But how does a complex, perfect, timeless, and eternal being communicate Himself to His creation? We will consider this question today.

1 Samuel 25 -- In God's School

David was still being shaped by God, and in this episode he learned much from Nabal, himself, Abigail, and God. Like David, must learn in God's school.

1 Samuel 22:1-2 -- Transformed By The Secret King

Pastor Nate continues with his God Hearted series with 1 Samuel 22:1-2 Transformed by the Secret King

1 Samuel 21-22 -- Pursued

We often forget, as David did in our story, that God loves us, is able to help us, and has a plan for our lives. But God does not forget, and works hard to remind us, if only we will listen to His voice.

1 Samuel 18 -- Shaped

Pastor Nate continues our study through the life of David.

Preparation Of the God-Heart -- In Secret

Pastor Nate begins our series through the life of David in 1 Samuel 16.

1 Samuel 20

God would go with David, allow David to be stripped of everything, and invite David to move forward, all of which would prepare David - just as they prepare us - for deeper maturity, the kind which chooses the pain.

Preparation Of the God-Heart -- Borrowed Victory

Pastor Nate continues our study on the life of David with the battle between David and Goliath.

Preparation Of the God-Heart -- Seek His Protection

The God-Hearted find their protection in God, who will use friendships, spouses, spiritual leaders, and His own Spirit to watch over His flock.

Preparation of the God-Heart -- Pillars

Pastor Nate continues our study through the life of David by concluding chapter 16.


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