Seek God: Life Church


Seek God

by: Pastor Nate

Pastor Nate leads our church through a time of seeking God during this quarter of Life Church.


Interview with Ben Hartel & David Escalante

This Life Church we had the honor of interviewing two church planters. Ben Hartel from WestSide Community Church in Santa Cruz and David Escalante from Sanctuary Berkeley.


Ordination of Jorge Butts

This Wednesday night we had the honor to publicly ordain our Middle School Ministry Leader Jorge Butts at our mid week service.


Hebrews 12:1-2

Here is Pastor Nate's message for our Wednesday Night Life Church quarter on Seeking God titled "Hebrews 12:1-2 -- 26.2 Ways To Run The Christian Race With Endurance".


Interview with Pastor Mike

This Wednesday night we had the blessing of hearing an amazing story from Pastor Mike Casey about his testimony and how he began The Bridge Ministry.


week 3

This is our third week in our Wednesday Night services Seeking the Lord.


John 16

 Here is Pastor Nate leading our church in a guided time of prayer seeking the Lord.

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