Easter Weekend


We are so excited for this season of the church calendar. Jesus is worth celebrating every weekend, but what a joy it is to take hold of Easter Weekend to celebrate the sacrifice and victory of Jesus! This year, we'll remember Good Friday and Easter Sunday together and with our community. Here are the details.

On Easter Sunday, we'll be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus at a familiar location within our community - The Monterey Fairgrounds. Because this location is so accessible, we're encouraging you to invite your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else close to you. We'll be gathering for one family-style service at 10:30am on Sunday, April 21st.


If you are visiting here is a picture of the available parking locations


To take one of our shuttles to the Fairgrounds, please park in our church parking lot between 9 and 10:20, and go to one of the designated parking shuttle pick up/drop off locations.

Thank you early birds for getting there closer to 9 than 10:30!

There is limited parking at the Fairgrounds so we have set up 2 codes with Uber and Lyft you can use to get a ride to the Fairgrounds. These codes are ONLY valid on Sunday April 21st from 9am - 2pm.


Uber Code



Lyft Code


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