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Training Forum in Sanctuary


Many of us know what it’s like for our faith in the one true God to be ridiculed or viewed as intolerant, arrogant, or even damaging to society. These attacks can leave Christians feeling confused & discouraged. At our next Training Forum, we’ll explore some of the exclusive claims of Christ, and how we should hold true to them while still engaging in our growing pluralistic, "coexist" culture. Our time will include an in depth teaching, a Q & A panel, and recommended resources.

Some of the questions we'll explore are:

Is Christianity intolerant?
Does religious pluralism actually work in society or is it a religion itself?
Does believing that Jesus is the only way to God produce arrogance and intolerance in the lives of Christians?

We hope you will join us for this educational and thought provoking evening, and that it equips you in navigating your faith in today’s world! Childcare is available, please register below.

Later Event: April 19
Good Friday